Release: Bees Please Me

New album published: Bees Please Me

Bees Please Me is a compilation of the small projects that have come across my desk over the past few months. It’s a pop-collage album that includes some music collage tracks (see Counting), sad loop making (see The Stain), the standard fair of npr docu-collages (see Screaming in the Darkness), and some selects from interviews past (see Alien Base).

Earlid: Skin Rubbed Smooth

Channel, Loop, Circle is featured alongside a number of other sound-works in this year’s Liminal Sounds at Earlid. The theme of the show is Skin Rubbed Smooth and centers on the things that lie just below the surface. Sounds that scratch, rub and bleed through the top layer.

In particular I enjoyed the absentminded scratching of Joan Schuman’s Thin as Skin (from Erase); The jittering trumpet of Stephan Bradley’s Ants & Trumpet (Cradle) ; Gabi Schaffner’s beautifully recorded Coconut Milk Massage (Cradle) ; And Garrett Tiedemann’s interview with Sun Yung Shin Under the Skin (Erase)

My own contribution can be found within Uncoil and is about the tight, internal loops created in our brains and the ways we find them coming out through our physical bodies.


Release: The Eye Tapes

New project release: The Eye Tapes. I’m calling it a docu-sound collage, it’s an exploration of the eye as an object. Inspired by an interview I conducted in the summer of 2017 about the experiences of eye surgery and ultimately composed a wandering journey through that interview while getting lost in all its tangents.


New Sketch: Crooked

I’ve uploaded a new short audio sketch. This is from my recent preoccupation with exploiting verbal ticks and nervous laughter to play with rhythm and pacing (see Channel Loop Circle).I’m also starting to use some of the aesthetic techniques from these small sketches to construct larger, more complex stories and audio documentaries. Listen for them in 2018… until then, enjoy Crooked.

Voices and audio in this piece were pulled from a few unrelated interviews and field recordings I’ve done over the years.


New Sketch: “Channel Loop Circle”

A short audio sketch from a recent series of interviews I’ve been (slowly) working through. It may turn into a longer piece or series of remixes but, for now, it sits alone as a two minute meditation about circular thinking, looping actions and verbal ticks.

Cover image is a photograph depicting the work of artist Ari Eshoo

Space of an Eye

“.. the eye becomes a small space when everything is focused on it, when there are people… cutting it open…” 

Space of an Eye is a few things;
Physically, it’s a camera tracking your eye movements and projecting it back to you. Allowing you to affect what you’re hearing based on what you’re looking at. Maintain a steady gaze and you hear a single voice recounting his experiences with eye surgery. As your eye drifts across the screen, so does the audio. The further away from the center of your eye you look, the more the sounds break apart. Tales of the religious, the medical, the physical experiences of eyesight and eyeballs are peppered throughout.
Conceptually it’s about the physicality of eyes, about what it means to see and what it means not to. It’s about the boundary between what you see and what sees the thing you see.
And personally, it marks the beginning (of a long coming) collaborative effort between Stuart Lynn and myself to create fun, strange, interactive sound things.

Space of an Eye appeared as part of Bushwick Open Studios Seeking Space, 2017. An online version of the project is in the works.


Migraines & Tsunamis on Constellations

Last week my piece Migraines & Tsunamis was featured in an episode of Constellations. Constellations is a new podcast curated by Jess Shane and Michelle Macklem and features experimental producers and strange sound-works from around the world. Find the piece along with a brief interview online at Constellations Audio.

I’m thrilled to have been featured and have appreciated the variety of responses to the piece. Sometimes it’s nice to know someone is listening. Looking forward to hearing whatever else they may find to air.

In response to the piece, Bello Collective wrote:

“…. It’s about forecasting, and it’s about knowing something is going to happen and being powerless to stop it. A compelling listen, especially in this hurricane season.” (full response)

Something about Truth and Space

Seven minutes about truth and the feeling of rooms. Part of a collaborative project to practice mixing by creating some small thing each month.