Earlid: Skin Rubbed Smooth

Channel, Loop, Circle is featured alongside a number of other sound-works in this year’s Liminal Sounds at Earlid. The theme of the show is Skin Rubbed Smooth and centers on the things that lie just below the surface. Sounds that scratch, rub and bleed through the top layer.

In particular I enjoyed the absentminded scratching of Joan Schuman’s Thin as Skin (from Erase); The jittering trumpet of Stephan Bradley’s Ants & Trumpet (Cradle) ; Gabi Schaffner’s beautifully recorded Coconut Milk Massage (Cradle) ; And Garrett Tiedemann’s interview with Sun Yung Shin Under the Skin (Erase)

My own contribution can be found within Uncoil and is about the tight, internal loops created in our brains and the ways we find them coming out through our physical bodies.


Migraines & Tsunamis on Constellations

Last week my piece Migraines & Tsunamis was featured in an episode of Constellations. Constellations is a new podcast curated by Jess Shane and Michelle Macklem and features experimental producers and strange sound-works from around the world. Find the piece along with a brief interview online at Constellations Audio.

I’m thrilled to have been featured and have appreciated the variety of responses to the piece. Sometimes it’s nice to know someone is listening. Looking forward to hearing whatever else they may find to air.

In response to the piece, Bello Collective wrote:

“…. It’s about forecasting, and it’s about knowing something is going to happen and being powerless to stop it. A compelling listen, especially in this hurricane season.” (full response)