a small selection of works in engineering, editing and sound design

The Women on iHeartRadio (2019-2020)

Mothers of Invention :You Probably  Have Everything You Need (2019)

Shine : meditations, affirmations & stories for falling asleep (2017-2020)

The WNYC Newsroom : daily news features for public radio

On the Media at WNYC 

The Lively Podcast (2020)

EYQ The Better Question podcast (2019)

Mindfulness for Jerkoffs, WFMU (2020)

The Renner Files (2020)

///////…radio arts & more


Pro Tools


Izotope RX

spectral editing and audio repair

various mics and specialty field recording equipment

“wow, this sounds great”
– a real client said this

Here are a few excerpts from projects I’ve been a part of. I’m primarily an engineer and sound designer, so what you’re hearing here are elements of composition and mastering. Generally I’m working with producers to find the most engaging way to bring out an idea through sound.

Engineering, mix/master and sound design rates available upon request.

AIR, The Association of Independents in Radio, releases rate guides for all things audio production including Engineering and Composition Rates. Before you hire a freelancer familiarize yourself with the standard rate baselines in the industry

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I also teach! one on one, group lessons and workshops on SOUND DESIGN with PRO TOOLS &/or REAPER. 

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I work with spoken words, with language, with music. It’s sometimes a puzzle, sometimes a meditation. I get a lot of joy out of what I do.