Inauguration: A Playlist

My mom is taking a bus from Florida to D.C. to participate in the Million Women’s March on Saturday. She asked for a few podcast recommendations for her trip so I put together a list of shows to accompany her. Per her request this list stays away from the overly cynical, or negative voices that I might normally gravitate towards and it isn’t all about politics.

Sharing here for anyone else who might need some listening material.

  1. The World Next Week: January 19th : For a bit of current affairs, this week’s episode of CFR’s The World Next Week. Find out what else is happening in the world. While we’re at it, might as well listen to every episode of The President’s Inbox.
  2. Global Beats/The Black Experience from WBAI : The MLK day episode Friday January 13, 2016 music and commentary built around Martin Luther King Jr’s speeches Where Do We Go From Here and I Have Been to the Mountain Top.
  3. BBC World Service Doc on Tupac Shakur : In honor of great orators
  4. from On The Media – Looking Back on a Trump Presidency : Prediction or fiction from Jon Lovett’s Atlantic article circa August 2015.
  5.  Stuff You Should Know Will we soon be extinct : A light finale with Chuck and Josh..