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Adriene: selected sound and radio works
The Blind Tourist (2018-2020+)

Weekly travel and arts radio show on WFMU. Dense mixes of music, language and radio stations from around the world. All the chaos, confusion and reward of international travel. Archives on WFMU, follow the show on Instagram @theblindtourist and enjoy this playlist of my favorite episodes.


The Rings of Saturn (2019)

Between December 2019 and January 2020 I aired a series of episodes on The Blind Tourist (WFMU) exploring W.G. Sebald’s novel(?) The Rings of Saturn. Going chapter by chapter, the series was like a personal love-letter to the book. A way to tease out the intricate patterns of the book. It’s a dense mix. A deliberate stream of consciousness, psycho-geographical and personal responses.

The entire series is available on the WFMU archives (I, II & III, IV & V, VI, VII & VIII, IX, X)  and on The Blind Tourist podcast. I reccomend getting a copy of The Rings of Saturn and reading along with each episode. 


Accumulation Over Time (2020)

A three part radio arts project about the different scales of waste accumulation; at the global level, the local, and the individual. The three parts are composed to they can be layered and played simultaneously, or individually.

Listen on Constellations

Produced for Constellations, featuring Tiana Tucker with help from Olivia Bradley-Skill and Michelle Macklem.
August, 2020

Migraines & Tsunamis (2017)

This is about the prelude to suffering. It’s a play on expecting pain, on remembering pain and on the scales of suffering. Going through the warning signs of a tsunami and the nervous anticipation of an impending migraine. Part audio diary, part collage and part soundscape. 

Listen on bandcamp, Constellations and WBEZ’s Re:sound.

Once Again, Inside (2020)

A short pice on lucid dreaming.

Appears in Earlid’s Liminal Sounds online exhibit “The Dream Had Me” and on WaveFarm
Spring, 2020

Channel, Loop, Circle (2018)

Appears in Earlid’s Liminal Sounds “Skin Rubbed Smooth”

LLtNS (2018+)

LLtNS is an ongoing public-access style podcast where radio makers are free to upload new episodes. Visit the feed at

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I release new and old work through bandcamp with some regularity. Visit & support the work:

Adriene: Bio

I am a radio and sound artist. I host The Blind Tourist on WFMU and my work shows up on Radiophrenia, Earlid, Constellations, Re:Sound, and others. You can find some of it here, some on bandcamp or reach out to request a full CV.

I like working with the edges of the human voice; The clicks of the tongue, stutters, the umms and ahhs. The detail in my work is often about playing in that space.  

I also try to support the radio arts by maintaining an open-source platform for artists to air their work called Long Live the New Sound (LLtNS). I’ve also spoken, written and lead workshops on elements of creative audio (Radio Without Scaffolding, Plot/Plan/Play, etc).

Get in touch to talk about radio arts, to collaborate or to hire me to help with your next audio project.



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