Radio Arts & Creative Sound

Channel, Loop, Circle is a poetic feature about the repetitive and destructive thinking of anxiety. Featured in Earlid’s Skin Rubbed Smooth exhibition. (2018)

Migraines & Tsunamis is a poetic feature about the cycles of pain and the imagery we use to make sense of it. The piece has appeared in Constellations and on WBEZ/Third Coast’s Re:Sound. (2017)

Once Again, Inside is a a short response to dreaming featured in Earlid’s The Dream Had Me exhibition. (2020)

Broadcast on Wave Farm The Dream Had Me (2020).

The Blind Tourist (WFMU) is a weekly travel and radio arts series that presents a weekly theme through audio-collage, art and music. The Blind Tourist is available as a podcast and live Thursdays 6-7pm on WFMU. Here is a sample from a recent episode. Find a playlist of my favorite episodes on Spotify.

The Rings of Saturn (VI & VII)

from The Blind Tourist

and more creative audio by myself and others

LLtNS (long live the new sound) is a public-access podcast feed open to anyone interested in sharing sound works. Episodes are neither curated nor commissioned, they appear in the feed as they are contributed. More information about LLtNS and it’s mission available at:

LLtNS has been mentioned in industry newsletters and podcast round-ups including The Bello Collective and given honorable mentions for best-of-year 2018 & 2019 from The Wheeler Center.