Space of an Eye

“.. the eye becomes a small space when everything is focused on it, when there are people… cutting it open…” 

Space of an Eye is a few things;
Physically, it’s a camera tracking your eye movements and projecting it back to you. Allowing you to affect what you’re hearing based on what you’re looking at. Maintain a steady gaze and you hear a single voice recounting his experiences with eye surgery. As your eye drifts across the screen, so does the audio. The further away from the center of your eye you look, the more the sounds break apart. Tales of the religious, the medical, the physical experiences of eyesight and eyeballs are peppered throughout.
Conceptually it’s about the physicality of eyes, about what it means to see and what it means not to. It’s about the boundary between what you see and what sees the thing you see.
And personally, it marks the beginning (of a long coming) collaborative effort between Stuart Lynn and myself to create fun, strange, interactive sound things.

Space of an Eye appeared as part of Bushwick Open Studios Seeking Space, 2017. An online version of the project is in the works.


Sound Design . Audio Experiment . Mixtape Documentary