Work: A Playlist

Russia01Since I haven’t published any new sounds in awhile, I thought I’d put together some recommended listening. The theme: Work.
Inspired by months of day jobs, job searching, resumes, interviews and the gradual but increasingly apparent deflation of hope.

  1. Let’s start with this scene from Slacker (2:01)
  2. Then Natalie Kestecher and Steven Tilly on Radiotonic talk Robot Managers (6:29)
  3. Future Tense’s episode on The Contingent Workforce (29:21)
  4. Class- What is it? (30:33) from Pod Academy …
  5. We all go a little mad sometimes with Davis at the Office (8:13) by Lila Cherneff (part of the episode Crack Up on Unfictional) …
  6. And I leave you with a Japanese Children’s karaoke of I’ve been Working on the Railroad.