Sound Design & Audio Engineering 🎧 

I am a sound artist, sound designer, field recordist and audio engineer. I work with clients to develop thoughtful, sound-focused podcasts, multimedia projects and radio broadcasts. Clients have included WNYC, Vox Media, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Spotify along with independent production teams working across the industry. I’ve worked on award winning series including Finding Tamika (2022, Molten Heart & Audible) and Copper & Heat (2022). I have thousands of hours of experience cutting tape, cleaning dialogue, working with music and developing soundscapes for everything from documentary to guided meditation to maximalist comedy. More about that here.


Creative Practice 🎨

Like with my sound design work, I really focus on craft. My work is often preoccupied with overwhelming things like hyperobjects, horror vacui, pain experiences. My longest running creative project is the on again off again series The Blind Tourist on WFMU. Some of my other work has aired on Constellations, WBEZ’s Re:Sound, Radiophrenia, Lucia Festival, Earlid and is available on bandcamp.


Teaching  🎓

I teach classes and offer mentorships and small group sessions on technical skills on specific tools including Reaper, Pro Tools and Izotope RX; and on developing a creative ear and sound making practice. My workshops and presentations are geared towards process-oriented making and coupling practical skills with creativity. Some workshops I’ve led include: Riding the Wave(forms): Process-Oriented Audio Creation @  UnionDocs (2022) and Beyond Stories:Audio Collage, Essays and Abstraction @ Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

If you’re interested in studying with me, reach out ( to find out about future courses or individual help.


quote  You’ll find a gem in WFMU’s The Blind Tourist, unafraid of crossing between languages.