Accumulation Over Time (2020)

Accumulation Over Time is a ‘simultaneous-series’ consisting of three audio features that can be played together in duplicate or triplicate, changing the landscape of the piece(s).

Accumulation Over Time was originally commissioned by Constellations audio. And later appeared in LUCIA festival, where a video-based subtitled version was created. The video obscures the subtitles to mirror the text’s obscurity in sound.

Commissioned by Constellations (2020)
Reimagined with video and subtitles for LUCIA festival and Radio Papesse (2020)


Interview with Michelle Macklem of Constellations on the creation of Accumulation Over Time, 2020
– Named one of the best podcast episodes on 2020 in BelloCollective: Bello100 Top 100 podcast episodes of 2020, Rashika Rao