Adriene Lilly

Recent Work

🎧 – Mix Engineering
🎨 – Sound Design & creative direction
📝 – Production
🌟 – award winning

🎧🎨 Hell or High Water: When Disaster Hits Home, Vox Media & Audible (2023)
🎧🎨 Little America, Vox Media & Apple TV+ (2022)
🎧 Copper & Heat (2022-23) 🌟
🎧🎨 Sound Barrier: Sylvester, Best Case Studios & Spotify (2022)
🎧 Finding Tamika, MoltenHeart & Audible (2022) 🌟
🎧🎨📝 McSweeney’s 64: The Audio Issues (2021) 
🎧 The New Bazaar, Bazaar Audio (2021-22)
🎧🎨 Land of the Giants: Delivery Wars, VOX (2021) 
🎧🎨 Meet Cute (2021)
🎧📝 The Women on iHeartRadio (2019-2021) 
🎧🎨📝 Here There Be Dragons: Stockholm (2021) 
🎧🎨 In Plain Sight: Ladybird Johnson, Best Case Studios & ABC (2021)
🎧🎨 Mothers of Invention: You Probably  Have Everything You Need (2019) 
🎧🎨 Shine : meditations, affirmations & stories for falling asleep (2017-2020) 
🎧 The WNYC Newsroom : daily news features for public radio (2018-22) 
🎧 On the Media at WNYC (2019-22) 
🎧🎨 The Lively Podcast (2020) 
🎧🎨 EYQ The Better Question podcast (2019) 
🎧🎨📝 Mindfulness for Jerkoffs, WFMU (2020) 
🎧🎨 The Renner Files (2020) 
🎧🎨📝 The Blind Tourist, WFMU (2018-2021) 



🎓 Space, Time, Water, Mirror : Creative Expressions in Sound @ SALT Institute (2023)
🎓 Riding the Wave(forms): Process-Oriented Audio Creation @  UnionDocs (2022)
🎓 Narrative Audio Workshop @ RISD | Fleet Library (2022) 
🎓 Beyond Stories @ Salt Institute for Documentary Studies (2021, 2022)
🎓 Augmented Reality @ UnionDocs, hosted by JT Green (2021)
🎓 Plot/Plan/Play @ UnionDocs, hosted by JT Green (2020)

…radio arts & more

What I do..

🎧Audio Editing  🎨Sound Design  🎤Field Recording   🎚️Mix & Master  🗣️Dialogue Editing  💼Consultation 🎓Workshops & Training  📻Radio Arts

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Rates available upon request

* Why aren’t my rates listed here? Because the workload, time commitment and budget of projects can vary widely. If you’re trying to create a budget, start with the AIR (associations of independents in radio) rate guides or reach out.

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About …. 

I’m an audio engineer, sound designer and artist specializing in radio and podcast production. I’ve spent thousands of hours cleaning meditation audio, aiding journalists on news features, designing irreverent comedies, and soundscaping in-depth travel portraits and long-form documentaries. I also host workshops, teach the technical skills of audio production and support radio artists. More…


The Blind Tourist

The Blind Tourist, WFMU (2018-2021)

I’ve been making this show off and on since 2018 there are 90+ episodes available in the archive. Here are my favorites…

~ Interview with Melissa Pons. An hour of field recording, wolves and darkness.
~~ A Summer Dream Noir, a three hour special that travels through nightmares, dreams and 2011 Chicago. 
~~~ Talking to Jon Tjhia
~~~~ Postcards from Jason on a comfortable Odessy. Reccomended for a long drive.
~~~~~ Music and Sounds from the Woods, a special three hour journey
~~~~~~ Hell, it’s not as dark as it seems.
~~~~~~~ The Rings of Saturn (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII). seven part radio interpretation of W.G Sebald’s book The Rings of Saturn. 

“… extremely sophisticated and listenable.”
‘The Blind Tourist’ Radio Program Does “The Rings of Saturn” on Vertigo 

“An interesting show […]  is Adriene’s Blind Tourist. This program was far more complex than any description we can muster.”

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