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Edit/Assemble    Sound Design   Field Recording 

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Workshops & Training


Engineering, mix/master and sound design rates available upon request

I also offer free and pay-what-you-can one on one and small group lessons for Pro Tools, Reaper and cleaning audio with iZotope RX, as well as help organizing recordings and approaches to creative audio and engineering. For more information, fill our the form below.

AIR, The Association of Independents in Radio, releases rate guides for all things audio production including Engineering and Composition Rates. Before you hire a freelancer familiarize yourself with the standard rate baselines in the industry

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This is a short selection from recent clients, for full episodes and additional work samples visit some of my recent clients…

Recent clients include…

McSweeney’s 64: The Audio Issues (2021) 

The New Bazaar, Bazaar Audio (2021)

Land of the Giants, VOX (2021)

The Women on iHeartRadio (2019-2021)

Here There Be Dragons: Stockholm (2021)

In Plain Sight: Ladybird Johnson, Best Case Studios & ABC (2021)

Mothers of Invention: You Probably  Have Everything You Need (2019)

Shine : meditations, affirmations & stories for falling asleep (2017-2020)

The WNYC Newsroom : daily news features for public radio (2018-2021)

On the Media at WNYC (2019-2021)

The Lively Podcast (2020)

EYQ The Better Question podcast (2019)

Mindfulness for Jerkoffs, WFMU (2020)

The Renner Files (2020)

…radio arts & more


Adriene is an experienced audio engineer and sound designer specializing in radio and podcast production. She has spent thousands of hours cleaning meditation audio, aiding journalists on news features, designing irreverent comedies, and soundscaping in-depth travel portraits and long-form documentaries. She also hosts workshops, teaches the technical skills of audio production and supports radio artists. 

Her approach to audio comes from an arts practice, you can hear some of that work here.

adriene is standing in a forest

twitter: @iamalilly
instagram: @theblindtourist

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I work with spoken words, with language, with natural sounds and with music. It’s sometimes a puzzle, sometimes a meditation. I get a lot of joy out of what I do.