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On the Media, WNYC

The Women, iHeartRadio & ARC

the WNYC newsroom

Shine INC, calm anxiety & stress

Meditations for JerkOffs, WFMU

Here There be Dragons: Stockholm

In Plain Sight: Lady Bird Johnson, ABC &Best Case Studios

///… more + radio art

I’ve spent thousands of hours working with meditation audio, aiding journalists on news features, designing irreverent comedy, and (my favorite) soundscaping in-depth travel portraits.

Available for: Sound design, dialogue editing, Post-production, mix/master, field recording, consultation, workshops and group/individual lessons in audio editing.

Before hiring a freelancer be sure to understand industry rates and expectations, you can start with the AIR rates guide for Engineering, Sound Design and Music.

For rates and information: adrienelilly[at] or fill out the form below.

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audio production & design

Izotope RX

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** if you’re new to audio or just looking to develop technical and creative skills using programs like Pro Tools, Reaper and Izotope RX – I enjoy teaching and when I can offer no cost and/or pay-what-you-can sessions. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Teaching helps me learn too.

Looking for something more? I also host The Blind Tourist on WFMU and occasionally release mixtapes, sound art and field recording collections through bandcamp. You can also find updated on my radio and sound arts practice here.