Palette 0412: Waves

Recently finished co-teaching with Olivia Bradley-Skill at Union Docs called Riding the Wave(forms): Process Oriented audio-creation. The workshop an intensive three days built around the idea that how you listen and the tools you use effect what you end up making (Pro Tools makes you think one way, Reaper another, live radio yet another, etc etc). Anyway, the workshop was sonically themes around waves and the beach so here are a few things we were listening to and thinking about:

And always, I return to this by Johanna Hedva and AM Kanngieser. There are three pieces, all waves and sea.

Soundmap of the Danube by Annea Lockwood paired & Scott Carrier’s Home of the Brave, Green River

Kits Beach Soundwalk (1989) by Hildegard Westerkamp

I’ve also been listening to Elías Merino and Daniel del Río’s Structures for Wave Field Synthesis. structure_1. I get the feeling of being in the hull of an ocean liner listening to wire ropes being pulled apart during a storm. It reminds me of the documentary Leviathan (2012), except if everything was perfectly dry.

structure_1 by Elías Merino & Daniel del Río

and some other things.. in no particular order :

Boulez-Répons by Robert Cahen