Palette 0414 : sounds for humans who are thinking about UFOs

My dad’s a big fan of Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM. We’d listen together when I was a kid. it was my earliest introduction to radio. I liked the ghost stories (I made an early Blind Tourist episode about that) and phantom truck stops. He liked the interviews about string theory and time manipulation. And we both liked tales of UFO sightings – missing time, weird lights, silent machinery.

a few tracks to start …
‣ Monochromes
by Quentin Tolimieri
741hz light drop from Planetary Music by
never die, Klein
æa _o by tal egg
‣ Structure_1 from Structures for Wave Field Synthesis by Elías Merino & Daniel del Río

sketch 0324 “one night” – this is a sketch with some of my own feelings on the topic

The sounds I imagine first are mostly from sci-fi.. synths and beeps and deep saw waves pulsing under trills of stretched and pitched chimes. And I think of bee hives — maybe because of the x-files movie — and car engines suddenly going silent, a radio tuning, the lens cap knocking against the plastic shell of a camcorder.

Mostly though, I think about machinery. Maybe because of interviews like this, maybe because that’s how my dad would speculate about it when I was a kid, maybe because of science fiction, or maybe just because machinery is one of the easiest aspects of UFO sightings to approach.

Machinery that vocalizes ..

Machinery that is inexplicably silent….

Machinery that consumes…