selected sound & radio works of

Adriene Lilly

commercial sound design portfolio 

Selected Works

2023 – Tourist Town on WFMU

2022 – Sleep Noir on Shadow Time,

2022 – A Summer Dream Noir, WFMU fill-in on Radio Ravioli

2022 – A Pause is Not a Break, sound design & collaboration with Jess Myers on exhibition essay

2021 – i imagine it would rise, Earlid: Monsters & Ghosts: Vapors

2021 – Percy and the Fireplums: The Wildlands, Commissioned by: Mcsweeney’s Publishing

2020 – Accumulation Over Time (X, Y, Z), Commissioned by: Constellations

 2020 – Accumulation Over Time (X, Y, Z) – video and subtitles, Commissioned and rebroadcast by: LUCIA festival, Radio Papesse

 2020 – A Dreaming Guide to Being Awake, Commissioned by: People Like Us/Vicki Bennett for ‘First Person, Fourth Wall’

2018-2021 – The Blind Tourist, Series on: WFMU

 2019 – ‘The Rings of Saturn’ on The Blind Tourist, Mini-series on The Blind Tourist on WFMU

2020 – Once, Again Inside, Earlid: The Dream Had Me

2018-2021 – LLtNS, Long Live the New Sound, Ongoing collaborative platform for audio and podcast artists, collaboration with Stuart Lynn

2018 – Migraines & Tsunamis

Aired on: Re:Sound “Tsunami Song” (2018) & Constellations (2017)

 2017 – Old Rooms & Birds and Istina of a Room, Aired on: Radiophrenia

2017 – The Space of an Eye, Instillation for: Seeking Space: Bushwick Beyond Studio collaboration with Stuart Lynn

Contributions & Writing

2023 – Syllabus Against Stories: Syllabus Project

2020 – Accumulation Over Time: LUCIA festival, Radio Papesse (link)

2018 – Saturday Afternoon Show: Appearance with Joan Shuman, Wavefarm

2018 – All the Forgotten Curiosities: Earlid’s Radio without Scaffolding, Joan Shuman

Selected Press

2020 – Accumulation Over Time: BelloCollective: Bello100 Top 100 podcast episodes of 2020, Rashika Rao (link)

2020The Blind Tourist: ‘The FM dial: Woke-hop, left factions, freeform, free jazz and more’ Frequency and Amplitude, Rico Cleffi (link)

2020 – The Blind Tourist: Podcast Spotlight: PocketCasts & BelloCollective, Ashley Lusk

2019  – The Blind Tourist, The Rings of Saturn: ‘The Blind Tourist’ Radio Program Does “The Rings of Saturn”, Terry

2017 – Migraines & Tsunamis, Bello #43: Audio Poems for Sad Robots, BelloCollective,  Galen Beebe


Workshops, Lectures & Appearances

2023 – Place, Time Water, Mirror: Creative Expressions in Sound @ The Salt Institute for Documentary Study at the Maine College of Art

2021, 2022 – Beyond Story: Audio Collage,Essaysand Abstraction @ The Salt Institute for Documentary Study at the Maine College of Art

2022 – Riding the Wave(forms): Process-Oriented Audio Creation @ UnionDocs

2022 – Narrative Audio Workshop @ The Fleet Library at Rhode Island School of Design

2022 – A Pause Is Not A Break Exhibition roundtable @ Rhode Island School of Design, hosted by Jess Myers

2021 – Augmented Reality, guest lecture @ UnionDocs, hosted by James T. Green

2020 – Plot/Plan/Play, guest lecture @ UnionDocs, hosted by James T. Green

2020 –  Stories are good, but do you need them? presentation on Podcast Maker Livestream